Sharing our Gardens

TES has developed community gardens for our clients to grown their own fruits and vegetables. We are in need of volunteers, supplies, and donations for this program to make it possible for clients to save money on food while learning about healthy meal planning and improved diet. Additionally, senior staff members and volunteers plant, maintain, and gather the produce grown to give to clients who are physically unable to participate in regular garden maintenance.

Our community gardens program is specially designed to benefit disadvantaged people. If you would like to participate, please contact Karen Thompson or Sharon Morgan by email or by calling (205) 758-5535.

Our Newest Community Garden Sites

Please consider donating your time, supplies, or funds to help make these new community gardens come alive for Tuscaloosa residents!

community garden volunteers needed

Located at 26th & T.Y. Rogers
A partnership with Community Service Programs of West Alabama

community garden volunteers needed

Located at Beech St.
A partnership with Elizabeth Baptist Church


community garden volunteers needed

Located at T.Y. Rogers and Short 19th St.
A partnership with Residential Land Owner

Located at 3100 Alabama Ave.
A partnership with S.P.A.N.